Hair Extensions Syllabus

A course for professional stylists on hair extensions techniques.
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Hair Extensions
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This course is for the professional natural hairstylist or cosmetologist who wishes to add hair extensions to their repertoire. 

Hair extension is an art that is both beautiful and useful for normal wear, theater, formal occasions such as proms, as well as hair replacement.  Artists can realistically make $1000 for only one day's work.

This course covers a variety of methods, and will allow the professional to skip the theory and get straight to the techniques.  For this reason, if you're not a pro yet, it is recommended that you take Advanced African Hairstyles first.

Hair Extensions: Braid Fusion, Weaving, Interlocking, and Tree Braids.

Instructor: Nicole Lasher
Availability:  Usually Daily
Instructor's Time Zone:  Jerusalem (usually GMT+2)

Educational Requirements:

This course is designed for professionals who already have a cosmetology or natural hairstyling education. Whether your training was formal or practical doesn't matter, but you will need to have a reasonable level of skill in order to execute the styles taught here properly. There is a screening exam associated with the first lesson that will test your knowledge. If you don't pass it with a good score, you will be strongly encouraged to take Advanced African Hairstyles or acquire knowledge in sanitation, salon maintenance, hazardous chemical handling, hair care and hair and scalp anatomy first, and then return.

Required Supplies:

For this course, you will need to send photos of your work for the assignments. So you need to have either a digital camera, a cellular phone that has a camera, a webcam and capturing software installed on your computer, or a regular camera, and a scanner. Unless you will be sending your photos by SMS, you must upload them in the assignment form in .jpg .gif or .png format. They should also be no larger than 700x700 pixels. 

Other styling supplies you will need are basic hair care supplies plus:

  • a rat tail comb
  • a hair weaving needle
  • a latch hook tool OR crochetting needle
  • mineral oil (if you will be doing bonding, and in this case you will also need a bonding glue kit)
  • a seam ripper
  • a pair of needle nose pliers
  • a roll of 20-24 gauge wire
  • at least one pack of bulk synthetic hair, preferably in a color that contrasts with your model's hair color
  • at least one weft of hair for weaving (human, Italian mink, or synthetic...If you are Muslim, be sure only to use animal, vegetable fibers, or synthetic hair.)
  • a spool of heavy duty thread
Goals:  To instruct professional hairstylists in the art of hair extension.

Reading Materials: All supplementary texts are available for free on the internet.  Students are also welcome to network and trade information and links.

Grading Policy:  Certificates available for academic excellence and completion of the course. Students are expected to read the lessons thoroughly, and complete the assignments thoughtfully.

This class will cover the following:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Hair Extensions
  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Basic Pinch Braiding and Adding More Along the Way
Lesson 2: Commonly Used Techniques
  • About Your Tools
  • Attaching Beads to Braids
  • Undetectable Cornrow Extensions (with photos)
  • Making a Wiring Crown
Lesson 3: Twists
  • Basic Corkscrews
  • Corkscrews With Extensions
Lesson 4: Weaving, Bonding, and Tree Braids
  • Hair Weaving
  • Bonding
  • Tree Braids
Lesson 5: Interlocking
  • Interlocking Onto a Track
  • Interlocking Onto a Braid
  • Wrap-locking
Lesson 6: Curling Synthetic Hair and Takedown
  • Curling Synthetic Hair
  • Making Synthetic Afro Kinky Hair (with photos)
  • Takedown Tips
  • Parting Notes

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